Watch Video Of Celebrities Star, ”Said About Sleeping With Other People In Her Relationship”

Watch Video Of Celebrities Star, ”Said About Sleeping With Other People In Her Relationship”

I cheated on my man. But I don’t love the man I slept with, I only wanted to sleep with him -Huddah Monroe reveales

The Kenyan socialite has revealed that she is currently involved in a polyamorous relationship with her lover, who she is jealously trying to keep in secret.

Open or non-monogamous relationships that adhere to particular rules are known as polyamory.

It is the practice of having multiple romantic relationships at once, with the knowledge and consent of all parties involved.

Huddah admitted that she is dating an unidentified man and that she is so jealous and insecure that she has blocked him from her social media accounts.

“Men who chase fame are unattractive.” I like my man low-key and off of social media. Only Snapchat and his friends were present. Not on IG, showing off. My boyfriend’s IG has 0 posts and five followers,” she wrote.

‘Huddah Monroe cheated The diminutive socialite went on to define her present relationship as polyamorous, revealing that she occasionally sleeps with different guys.

Huddah also revealed that she has let her lover sleep with other women as long as he follows the terms of their polyamorous relationship.

She said; “Also, I tell him not to trade phone numbers if the devil strikes him and he cheats on me. Hit it and walk away. You are all mine. I’ve cheated before, and I understand that desire to another person is unavoidable.”

“Even though I didn’t like the other guy, I wanted to just sleep with him. Because self-control is so important in a relationship, it only occurs once every two years. And believe me, focusing your attention on just one person takes tremendous effort. Huddah said that it can sometimes be beneficial to ‘explore with care’ in a relationship.”


Huddah has a history of adamantly maintaining that she can never leave her partner because he is cheating on her.

The socialite stresses that she can tolerate a cheating partner, but she cannot stand a man who constantly lies. To her, lying is a bigger sin than fornicating.

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