Nigeria Celebrities With Disabilities That Never Gave Up

Nigeria Celebrities With Disabilities That Never Gave Up

Many individual have seen disability as an avenue to run from their responsibility. But it is not because many are out their with disabilities and thy are actually doing great, This article will be focusing on Nigeria Celebrities with disabilities, and even with that they never gave Up on their goals. And i tell you success was their achievement at last.

1. Yinka Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele MON is a disabled (crippled) Nigerian music producer, gospel singer, radio presenter and founder of Fresh FM Radio Station, Ibadan who never gave up on his dreams despite his disability.

2. Cobhams Asuquo

Cobhams Asuquo (born January 6, 1981) is a Blind Nigerian musician, producer, and songwriter.

Cobahams was signed in to Sony ATV London that was After working as Head of Audio Productions at a local label, Questionmark Entertainment, he set up his own recording facility in 2006.

3. Semah G Weifur

Semah G Weifur hails from Liberia, but is now a Nigerian because In the year 2017, he adopted by a Nigerian Musician flavour.

Semah was born visually impaired and was surviving by the help of Monrovia-based NGO, Christian Association of the Blind (CAB).

Going through this, Semah didn’t let his situation enfeeble him and kill his aspiration to become a vocalist.

4. Victony

Victony is a physically disable (cripple) Nigerian rapper. He is one of the newest artist in the music industry. Victony released his debut album named “Saturn EP” featuring the popular Falz.

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