It’s Unwise For Parents To Have Kids They Can’t Feed – TBoss

It’s Unwise For Parents To Have Kids They Can’t Feed – TBoss

Tokunbo Idowu, a.k.a. TBoss, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, thinks that kids will end up being a bother for parents who can’t feed them.

This stance was expressed by the reality TV personality during an interview with The PUNCH on Saturday.


She said that she would love to share the wonders of life with her children, but TBoss said that if she lacked the necessary resources, her desire would not come true.

In her words:

“I totally agree that children are blessings but having kids that one can barely feed is an unwise decision.

“I want to be able to comfortably feed and cater for my little ones. The world is such a beautiful place with so many nice things to see and places to visit. I would love to experience life with my kids which would be a hassle if I am not financially equipped.

“I had a driver many years ago when I just moved to Abuja whose wife gave birth to triplets and he asked if I would be willing to buy one or two of them because he could not afford (to take care of them), and there were other kids at home.

“I initially thought he was joking. I believe it is the level of poverty in the country that pushed him to do something like that.”



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