I Will Not Fall It Is My Chest That Will Fall” – Mandy Kiss

I Will Not Fall It Is My Chest That Will Fall” – Mandy Kiss

To continue to trend on social media requires you to continue doing things that will always draw the attention of people, and that is one thing that Mandy Kiss has been able to do recently with her back to back social media updates that knock people off their feet.

On this occasion, she has decided to do something even different after she made a revelation about her body on Instagram. She reveals the part of her that is gradually falling and not herself.

She shared new photos of herself to clear the air after a troll accused her chest of falling in one of her previous posts, and now she has decided to fight back, saying that it is not her life that is falling. She accompanied her revelation with photos of herself in a black open-chest outfit to back up her claim.

Her aim of writing the caption was to let her Instagram followers know her mind, and she said, “I will not fall; it is my chest that will fall.” This statement shocked many of her Instagram followers as they quickly reacted to the post by giving their own take on the matter.

Mandy Kiss has always been known as someone who is not shy about revealing secrets about herself on social media, and she proved it again here with her surprising revelation about herself. Not many people would have expected her to come up with such a revelation, but with her, one should always expect surprises.

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