Fake soldier shouts for his mother as he is busted for recruitment scam

Fake soldier shouts for his mother as he is busted for recruitment scam

A young man who pretended to be a soldier has been caught and detained. He was apprehended, and the incident has been shared in a video on social media. One of the individuals introduced himself as WO2 Adu Boateng, and another displayed an ID card for the Ghana Armed Forces with the name Kusi Bright on it.

They proceed to question the young man, who was sat across from them and appeared extremely uneasy. A woman who is thought to have fallen for his recruitment fraud was sat next to the young man. “You told her you are a soldier and asked her to bring money so you recruit her into the military. What is your rank?” one of the soldiers who was in plain clothing questioned.

With the suspect fumbling to give a reasonable answer, the senior officer ordered his men to handcuff the young man who was immediately triggered into a pleading mode.

“I implore you to have patient and allow my mother to arrive. He begged the officers to be patient and let him phone his mother while he struggled to avoid being put in handcuffs. He further begged, “My mum is around; let’s call her and fix this; my brother is the MP for Ejisu.”

One of the military officers is heard stating, “You are crazy, going around proposing marriage to people because you know the women are struggling.” When the suspect then goes to pick up his cell phone to call his mother, it is taken away from him. The police continue by displaying the phone’s screensaver of him wearing a uniform.

Watch the video below;

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