Big Brother is Lucifer – Mummy G.O comes through with another ‘bombshell’- Watch

Big Brother is Lucifer – Mummy G.O comes through with another ‘bombshell’- Watch

Mummy GO who is the Founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, stated this in a recent sermon delivered in her church.

As sighted in the video, the controversial cleric asked her members if they love the popular show after which she asked if they know who is behind the BBNaija show. She asked them who Big Brother is but after a few moments of silence, she stated that Lucifer is behind the whole affair.

Similarly, things are literally ‘levelling up’ on Day 2 of the new season of BBNaija reality show. Meanwhile, Beauty and Groovy have dominated the discourse as they weave their own chemistry.

Beauty has set her eyes on Groovy but has been a bit hesitant in starting any romance with him claiming other females might be interested in him and she doesn’t want to get in the way. Groovy on the hand is taking things on the lighter side although it’s obvious he’s equally interested.

Last night at the Kitchen table, he gave Beauty a sip from his cup, then proceeded to rub her back, noting: “You seem to like massages”. Later, this got missed up in hurt feelings and subsequent apology.  It all started when the housemates decided to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’.

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